eSource Recruiter – software and website providing support for the clinical trials contracting process – streamlining the feasibility process, providing objective data on Sites and Investigators, and enabling online exchange of information. It also enables the recruitment of patients outside of the particular Site (from primary healthcare facilities as well as volunteers database).

  • QUALITY create a feasibility questionnaire using the intuitive survey module
  • PRECISION specify the search criteria and find suitable users
  • from the database of healthcare centres, investigators and patients
  • SPEED reduce the time devoted to the selection of suitable healthcare centres, investigators
  • and patients thanks to the system of features: preliminary selection, creating
  • and completing feasibility questionnaires online, and sending out invitations
  • CONFIDENTIALITY sign NDAs with the healthcare centre and the researcher with our support (agreements in the traditional form or online), send out questionnaires to the verified persons
  • ECONOMY reduce the cost of recruitment due to the elimination of unsuitable healthcare centres right at the start, and reducing the time of information exchange

Using the eSource Recruiter software is simple, intuitive and completely safe. Databases of system users include only verified Site Representatives, Investigators and potential patients.

Obtaining answers to questions from feasibility questionnaires has never been so easy:

  • Create a new research project in the system
  • Create a questionnaire template for the Site and the Investigator, which you can version and reuse multiple times
  • Search for Sites and Investigators that fulfil the specified criteria
  • Specify the submission date for completed questionnaires
  • Send out invitations to complete the questionnaire with a single click
  • Obtain your answers online, and you can access particular answers as well as useful compilations in the form of tables or graphics
  • Commission the recruitment of patients from outside of the healthcare centre if the one you selected does not meet your recruitment criteria.

The payment for using the tool are based on a low subscription fee and “pay as you go” scheme – you pay only for the information you obtain, not the invitations you send out.

Get free and non-binding access to the eSource Recruiter system for a 30-day test period. Complete the contact form: