Register in the eSource Recruiter as a Patient and obtain information about new clinical trials straight away

eSource Recruiter features important for Patients

  1. Register in the eSource Recruiter database as a Patient. You will need a computer with Internet access and a browser – no installation required.
  2. Specify areas of medicine that interest you and about which you would like to receive information – you do not have to provide information about your health status
  3. The Patient account is entirely free, your data is properly secured and using the service is intuitive and easy
  4. You will be receiving information about new clinical trials that are planned in your area, concerning the field of medicine you have selected. You will receive contact information of a investigator or a healthcare centre (Site) from whom you will receive more information about the trial.

Thanks to the registration in the eSource Recruiter system, a Patient gains

  • Current information about new clinical trials that are to be carried out in Poland
  • Invitations to participate in the recruitment for clinical trials in the selected fields of medicine together with an indication of the closest facility that carries out these trials
  • Information about a trial, possible benefits and risks
  • Support in the recruitment process and contacts with the Site and the Investigator

Worthy of note

In 2015, approximately 30 thousand patients participated in clinical trials across Poland. It was an opportunity for them to access innovative drugs and therapies as well as advanced diagnostics and diligent monitoring of their health status. Patients who participated in clinical trials have an opportunity to make a personal contribution in the development of medical knowledge, as information obtained in the course of clinical trials enable to create increasingly effective and safe treatment methods.