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Precise selection of Sites for research
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Recruitment of patients
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Managing the clinical trial with
eSource Manager
Controlling and accounting services with eSource Manager
Monitoring clinical studies with eSource Viewer
Surveillance of clinical trial documentation with eSource Viewer

Clinical studies are necessary step for the introduction of new drugs and medical devices and checking their safety and effectiveness. This permits usage in medical practice various new methods of treatment and overall prevention of diseases, which affects health and lives of millions of people around the world . Such trials are an expensive (approximately 590 million USD) and time consuming (about 8 years) process that uses up to 68 % of the cost of introducing a new drug to the market. It is a complex process carried out according to strict rules to ensure maximum protection for its participants. Thanks to its long duration, a large number of interested parties and legal barriers this process is fraught with obstacles and problems. MONITOR is a suite of tools that help to streamline it, by minimizing the risk of errors and delays and helping achieve real financial savings. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the MONITOR tools.

About Monitor

MONITOR supports the process of clinical trials, providing innovative organisational and technological solutions. The project is carried out in cooperation by two limited companies: Monitor CR sp. z o.o. and Monitor SM sp. z o.o.

Monitor CR is a beneficiary of Horizon 2020 Programme, SME Instrument, Phase I. We are conducting a feasibility study for our solutions MCR Tools.

The Team

Mariusz Olejniczak

Mariusz Olejniczak – initiator of the Monitor project, shareholder of Monitor CR and Monitor SM, responsible for customer relations as well as content project supervision. His responsibilities include: constant monitoring, control, exacting and accepting R&D research results concerning the development of the created software and its pilot tests. He has many years of experience in the clinical trials industry, having worked primarily in managerial positions. Mr. Olejniczak has conducted clinical trials projects at every stage – from recruitment to monitoring to final conclusion and accounting of the project.

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INVESTIN transformed the innovative MONITOR concept from the level of an idea into a business solution, ready to acquire the first round of financing and market implementation. A detailed analysis of the market and competition was prepared, as well as business and financial model, a business plan and complete investment documentation. INVESTIN actively supports the Monitor team in both substantive and organisational issues. It provides access to its know-how and business contacts.


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