Register in the eSource Recruiter as an Investigator and obtain information about new clinical trials straight away

  1. Register in the eSource Recruiter database as an Investigator. You will need a computer with Internet access and a browser – no installation required.
  2. Your data will be verified through a connection with the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists database
  3. Complete your profile, select your workplace and attach a CV file
  4. The Investigator account is entirely free, your data is properly secured and using the service is intuitive and easy
  5. If your workplace is not featured on the list – contact us
  6. You can send an invitation to register in the eSource Recruiter system to other physicians directly from the system
  7. You will be receiving invitations to participate in the feasibility process directly from sponsors or CROs. You can complete the questionnaire quickly and conveniently online, and the sponsor will receive your answers right after you submit them.

Thanks to the registration in the eSource Recruiter system, the Investigator gains:

  • Recognisability and visibility – if so far sponsors or CROs did not address clinical trial proposals to you, perhaps they did not have a way to find you – thanks to eSource Recruiter this situation can change diametrically.
  • Current information about new clinical trials that are to be carried out in Poland and invitations to participate in the feasibility process
  • Easy and fast contact with the sponsor/CRO representative via an exchange of information online and a system of notifications (e-mail, and soon also SMS)
  • Gathering information useful for subsequent feasibility processes in one place – every completed form is saved in the system, information contained therein can be copied to other forms, thus saving you time
  • Support in the process of concluding non-disclosure agreements with clinical trial sponsors

By taking on the role of the Investigator in a clinical trial, you contribute to the development of knowledge and clinical practice. You have an opportunity to participate in the process of creating innovative medications and therapies which in the future will improve health and save lives of people all over the world. You gain experience and knowledge about the latest achievements in medicine. Moreover, you give your patients a chance for advanced diagnostics and participation in an innovative therapy which sometimes can be their only chance for treatment.