We empower you to bring the cure

Monitor CR – we are creating software for clinical trials that supports recruitment, process management and data monitoring.

Monitor CR values:

We are patient-oriented – we provide support for the clinical trial process, tending to the quality and security of trial participants’ medical records

We employ IT technology as a tool from process innovation in clinical trials

We are challenging the status quo – we are transforming unproductive and cost-intensive processes into result-oriented actions

We improve quality and data security

We establish cooperation and partnership relations with all stakeholders in the clinical trial process

We apply the rule of maximum utilization of the existing data and resources

The quality of MONITOR Toolsis guaranteed by:






Involvement in creating and testing the software

of leading Polish stakeholders in the clinical trials industry:

Integration with market leaders’ Hospital Information Systems developers

Fulfilling FDA and EMA requirements concerning software used in clinical trials

Compliance with law in the scope of clinical trials

and personal data protection confirmed by:

Full anonymization of clinical trial participants’ personal information stored

on the most secure servers in Poland: